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Here you will find blog pieces previouly published on the former "Marc Robinson PFM Results Blog" and other sites prior to 2016.

Fiscal Policy

Debt-Free Fiscal Stimulus (part III) (originally published 1 May 2016)
Debt-Free Fiscal Stimulus? (part II) (originally published 27 April 2016)
Debt-Free Fiscal Stimulus? (part I) (originally published 17 April 2016)
Reconciling Fiscal Stimulus with Fiscal Responsibility (originally published 10 April 2016)
EU Fiscal Rules Revisited (originally published 31 January 2012)
European Balanced Budget Rule (originally published 16 January 2012)
Sweden Introduces Budget Surplus Rule (originally published 10 May 2010)
The Politics of Fiscal Consolidation (originally published 29 March 2010)
Hidden Public Debt in Europe (originally published in February 2010)
Existe-t-il un Problème de Dette Publique en France? (originally published December 2009)


The Coverage of Aggregate Expenditure Ceilings (originally published 2 May 2016)
The IMF on Budgetary Institutions (originally written in June 2014)
Connecting Evaluation and Budgeting (originally published June 2014)
Budget Baselines: Essential and Overlooked (originally published 16 September 2010)
UK Spending Review 2010 (originally published 13 June 2010)
How to Implement Top-Down Budgeting (originally published 8 June 2010)
Top-Down Budgeting and Fiscal Exit Strategies (originally published 28 April 2010)
Top-Down Setting of Sectoral Ceilings? (originally published August 2009)
Medium-Term Sectoral Ceilings -- a Response (originally published September 2008)
Medium-Term Sectoral Ceilings? (originally published September 2008)

Performance Budgeting & Measurement

Getting Performance Budgeting Right (originally published 10 October 2013)
New Performance Budgeting Manual Published (originally published 17 September 2011)
Is Program Budgeting Unworkable? (originally published 12 July 2011)
Program Budgeting: The Role of Management Programs (originally published 27 September 2010)
Program vs Organizational Structure (originally published 24 June 2011)
Outcome Measurement II (originally published 14 August 2010)
Outcome Measurement I (originally published 30 July 2010)
Keeping Program Structures Simple (originally published 18 June 2010)
"CLEAR" Performance Budgeting Initiative (originally published 4 May 2010)
Unit Costs and Performance Budgeting (originally published 23 March 2010)
Poland's PB Reforms (originally published October 2008)


Australia Reforms Accrual Budgeting (originally published 14 April 2010)

Blackboard (documents and other miscellaneous postings)
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