Marc Robinson
Public Financial Management Results
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Marc Robinson is available for selected consulting and executive training engagements to help governments budget better. He works with ministries of finance and other key government agencies to improve budgeting and public financial management, in areas including

  • Performance budgeting - system design and implementation
  • Performance measurement
  • Spending review
  • Budget preparation and expenditure decision-making
  • Improving capital budgeting
  • Accounting basis and presentation of the budget
  • Public financial management reform strategies
  • Fiscal policy

Dr. Robinson has worked with the governments of over thirty nations, on all four continents and at all stages of development. He works directly for national governments, and also with governments on behalf of international organizations (e.g. the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank).

Marc is known for working collaboratively in partnership with budget officials and other reform agents to bring about real advances to better budgeting.

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