Marc Robinson
Public Financial Management Results
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Publications on Performance Budgeting & Management


Performance-Based Budgeting, World Bank/CLEAR, 2011.
Also available in Spanish, Russian and Serbo-Croat.

A Basic Model of Performance-Based Budgeting, with D. Last, IMF Technical Note, 2009.

Performance Budgeting: Linking Funding to Results, IMF/Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.
Editor of book, and author of the following chapters:
  •   Performance Budgeting Models and Mechanisms (Chapter 1)
  •    Informing Performance Budgeting (Ch. 2)
  •    Results Information (Ch. 3)
  •    Cost Information (Ch. 4)
  •    Program Classification (Ch. 5) (with co-author)
  •    Making Performance Budgeting Work (Ch. 7)
  •    Purchaser-Provider Systems (Ch. 16)

  •    Performance Budgeting, Motivation, and Incentives (Ch. 18) (with Elisabeth Paul)


  • "Performance Budgeting", in Korea Development Institute, 2012, Sustainability and Efficiency in Managing Public Expenditures.
  • “Program Budgeting: Costs and Benefit”, in D. Savoie (ed), Budgeting and the Management of Public Spending, Volume 3 of the International Library of Comparative Public Policy, London, Edward Elgar, 1996.
  • Program Budgeting, Victorian Parliament, Economic and Budget Review Committee, 1990.

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